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Bitcoin News

Site Comment
Coindesk Leading site of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency news. Probably top source available right now.
Cointelegraph Independent source for crypto news including Bitcoin, blockchain, decentralized applications, the internet of finance and the next gen web. Huge portal about blockchain technology and Bitcoin, including news.
Cryptocoinsnews One more independent site of news related to digital coins and blockchain.
NewsBTC Another Bitcoin news site with many news related to upcoming ICOs.
Bitcoin Magazine Reputable and great source for fresh Bitcoin news and opinions.
Coin Journal Small Bitcoin news portal with some different news from Bitcoin world.
A Bit of News Active news portal with news coming mainly from Bitcoin and Blockchain worlds.
BTC Manager Bitcoin, blockchain and fintech news in one place.

Bitcoin Communities

Site Comment
Reddit (Bitcoin) Biggest and most popular Bitcoin community at Reddit.
Reddit (BTC) Another huge Bitcoin subreddit.
Reddit (BitcoinBeginners) Subreddit for Bitcoin beginners.
Bitcoin Talk Active and probably hottest Bitcoin forum available right now. Many posts, threads and helpful members.
Cryptocurrency Talk Not the Bitcoin forum only, still it's very active and great source about BTC indeed.
Twitter Twitter has thousands of Bitcoin enthusiasts who are active and tweeting daily.
Stack Exchange Bitcoin community on StackExchange with more complex questions and answers related to Bitcoin.
Google Plus The biggest Bitcoin community at Google Plus.
Quora Ask a question and get an answer to what's unclear about Bitcoin.
BitSharesTalk Forum supported by with a lot of useful information.

Bitcoin Resources

Link Comment
Coindesk's Blockchain 101 Blockchain guide for newbies provided by Coindesk.
Bitcoin Wiki The name explains itself.
Simple Wiki - Bitcoin Bitcoin explanation on Simple Wikipedia.
How it works? How does Bitcoin work explained on
Bitcoin security guide Guide: How to secure your wallet.
History of Bitcoin Date to date Bitcoin history with most infulential events.
What is Bitcoin? A Step-By-Step guide for Bitcoin beginners.
Coincap Total capitalization of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Has a mobile apps also.
Bitcoin Gambling Bitcoin casinos, dice and sportsbook sites reviewed.
Bitcoin legality by country The list of countries where Bitcoin is banned whether legal.
Bitcoin Exchanges The list of Bitcoin Exchanges and trading sites with reviews.
How to buy cryptocurrencies? Guide: How to buy cryptocurrencies using Binance.
How to start trading cryptos? Informative website on how to trade cryptos.

Advanced list of Bitcoin resources can be found here.

Bitcoin Exchanges

Site Region Comment
Coinbase Worldwide Probably most popular Bitcoin exchange in the world. Worldwide Popular and trusted Bitcoin exchange and trading platform providing its services globally. Recommended.
Binance Worldwide Huge trading platform offering tons of different cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin for sure. Recommended.
Localbitcoins Worldwide Most popular P2P Bitcoin exchange. Operates globally.
Bitstamp Worldwide One of the leading exchange in Bitcoin industry with top-noch partners and investors.
Bitfinex Worldwide Biggest and leading Bitcoin trading platfor in the world (probably).
Coinmama Worldwide Great place for buying Bitcoin with credit or debit card. Accepts customers from almost all countries.
Kraken Worldwide Great place for Bitcoin purchasing. Works internationally.
QuadrigaCX Worldwide (excl. USA) Huge exchange based in Canada. USA customers aren't serviced. Recommended.
HitBTC Worldwide HitBTC is not only an exchange, but cryptocurrencies trading platform as well.
Changelly Worldwide Mostly recommended for exchanging Bitcoin to any other cryptocurrency available at Changelly.
LakeBTC Worldwide Bitcoin exchange with tons of payment methods accepted. Recommended for Asia customers.
Exmo Europe, Asia Site may be used for Bitcoin buying and trading. Europe and Asia customers are welcome.
BitPanda Europe BitPanda is Bitcoin exchange based in Austria.
LiteBit Europe Bitcoin exchange with a lot of supported payment methods. Recommended.
Coinhouse Europe Bitcoin exchange located in France, for purchases with credit or debit card.
Coinmate Europe Bitcoin Exchange supporting and helping to complete P2P trades.
BitBay Europe Bitcoin exchange and trading platform based in Poland. All Europeans are welcome.
Coinspot Australia Very popular Bitcoin exchange located in Australia.
Coinjar Australia Probably most popular exchange in Australia. Has launched sites for other countries also.
BTC Markets Australia One more trusted Bitcoin exchange for Australians.
Coinsecure India Bitcoin exchange and trading platform with very low fees and rates.
Unocoin India Leading Bitcoin exchange operating in India.
Zebpay India One of the most popular Bitcoin exchange and broker in India. Has mobile application also.

Bitcoin Wallets

Site Type Comment
Trezor Hardware Probably most popular hardware wallet right now. Recommended.
Ledger Nano S Hardware It's very secure and simple to use hardware wallet.
KeepKey Hardware Another one trusted and reliable hard wallet.
GreenAddress Hot Wallet One of the most secure online wallets. Recommended.
Blockchain Hot Wallet Really popular online Bitcoin wallet.
Samourai Wallet Mobile Wallet Advanced mobile Bitcoin wallet. Still in Alpha, but it is a great product already. Try it!
Jaxx Hot Wallet Multi-platforms Bitcoin wallet for a lot of digital assets.
Exodus Hot Wallet Exodus is the desktop multi-asset wallet with ShapeShift built in.
Mycelium Hot Wallet Mycelium is probably most popular wallet with tons of features and upcoming integrations. Recommended.
BitGo Hot Wallet Pretty popular hot wallet trusted by many huge Bitcoin companies.
Electrum Hot Wallet Wallet loved by many. With a lot of features as multisig, proof checking, and other add-ons.
BitAddress Paper Wallet Simple to use and generate paper wallet.
BitcoinPaperWallet Paper Wallet Another trusted and reliable Bitcoin paper wallet.